Recent Sailing Projects



Olympic class camp: January in Miami FX, & 49er

Bacardi cup Regatta #2: Miami January, Coaching Melges 24 Sandy Askew, & Bora Gulari (1st Place)

ODP (Olympic development program) Clearwater camp: January/February: Coaching Foiling windsurfers (IQ-Foil) and kite surfing

M32 Catamaran – Miami – February- 2nd Mid winters Regatta – “Extreme 2”  Dan Cheresh, (4th place)

Invitational Regatta: Miami March, Coaching Melges 24 Sandy Askew, & Bora Gulari (1st Place)

M32 Catamaran – Miami – March- 4th Mid winters Regatta – “Extreme 2”  Dan Cheresh (3rd place)

Etchell Florida state Championships regatta Miami March with Steve Benjamin (1st Place), Craig Mense (4th place), & Scott Kaufman (6th Place)

Charleston race week: April, Coaching Sandy Askew, Mike Buckley, Melges 24

Melges 24 Gold cup, April, Coaching Sandy Askew, Mike Buckley, Melges 24

M32 Catamaran – Newport – Midtown cup (June)-Extreme 2 – Dan Cheresh- 2nd place

Coaching Dave Ullman J-70s Los Angeles April

J-70 Worlds – LA – Jeff Janov/Dave Ullman

TP-52 – Copa Del Rey – Alegre- Andy Soriano- 1st

TP-52 – Super series – Portels – Alegre – 3rd

TP-52 Super series – Mahon- Alegre- 2nd

J-111- Hampton – Worlds – 2 boats –

TP-52- Palma Vela – Alegre- Andy Soriano –

TP-52 Super series – Palma- Alegre – Andy Soriano –

IQ Foil camp- Clearwater – ODP team

Olympic training camp – Miami – ODP team

Youth worlds team training- Miami- ODP team

Melges 24 – Maimi- Dec – Bacardi cup (Event #1) –


San Francisco Big Boat Series- Flying Jenny-IC37- Sandy Askew – 1st Rolex winner

ORC East Coast Champs – Flying Jenny-IC37- Sandy Askew- 1st

Block island race week – Flying Jenny- IC37 – Sandy Askew- 4th

Annapolis to Newport race – Chessie racing – RP 60- George Collins – 1st to finish, 1st handicap

Down the bay race – Rival – Botin 40- Bob Cantwell – 2nd

Oxford race – Rival – Botin 40- Bob Cantwell – 2nd

Analysis & presentations

Updated FX & 49er wind study presentation

Sail testing J-70 sails in LA with Dave Ullman.

Etchell sail testing with Steve Benjamin in March

FX & 49er Sail & Rig modeling

Nacra 15 Sail & Rig Modeling



ODP camp – Miami- Lasers, I420, 29er

M32 Catamaran – Miami – 1st Mid winters Regatta – “Extreme 2”  Dan Cheresh

M32 Catamaran – Miami – 2nd Mid winters Regatta – “Extreme 2” Dan Cheresh

J-70 – Miami –  3 teams – Mid winters – 1st, 5th, & 8th

TP-52 Super series, Cape town, South Africa, Alegre coaching

Annapolis yacht club: Club 420’s, June

Ugotta regatta: Harbor springs. Melges 24 coaching Sandy Askew

Annapolis yacht club: Club 420’s, September

ODP (Olympic development program) Speed camp: October Miami, FX, laser

Charleston Melges 24 regatta: Coaching Sandy Askew with Lucas Calabrese 4th

Olympic class camp: December in Miami FX, & 49er

VX Regatta Miami December: Coaching Sandy Askew

Coaching Dave Ullman J-70s Los Angeles December

Annapolis yacht club: Club 420’s, December in Miami

Steve Keen Lisot I420 group: Coaching them in Miami for Orange bowl


Antigua Superyacht regatta, Rebecca (Frers 140’) Helmsman

Race to Oxford: Rival (Carkeek 40) Mainsheet trimmer 

Annapolis labor day regatta: Rival Mainsheet trimmer

Annapolis annual regatta: Rival Mainsheet trimmer

Race to Solomans: Rival Mainsheet trimmer

Screw pile regatta: Rival Mainsheet trimmer

Annapolis fall series: Rival Mainsheet trimmer

Analysis & presentations

Measure Nacra 15 Mast bend and hull

Coaches round table discussion – Presentation on coaching techniques

USOPC: United States Olympic & Paralympic committee – US sailing Olympic team representative meeting to discuss the future of US sailing Olympic team

US Sailing: Planing and budgeting for the next three Olympics 2021, 2024 & 2028

Sail testing J-70 sails in LA with Dave Ullman.



ODP (Olympic development program) Camps 3 x Miami, San Francisco, 29’s, I420, Lasers

Etchell mid winters – 4th

TP52 “Alegre” – Super series – Palma, Mahon, Portugal, Cadiz, Spain, Cascias Portugal, Portals Spain, Sardinia Italy.

CISA Clinic Long beach


Ft Lauderdale to Key West race – Elvis – Gunboat 62 Tactition

Frers 140′ “Rebecca” – Helmsman – Antigua Superyacht regatta, & St Barths

C&C 30 “Flying Jenny” Mainsheet – BVI spring regatta,

IC37 “Flying Jenny” – Mainsheet- Big boat series

Les Voiles Regatta – St Barths – – Elvis – Gunboat 62 Tactition

Buffet race – Elvis – Gunboat 62 – Trim co-ordinater


IC37 Trim and boat set up – Long beach

Sail testing TP-52’s – Valencia, Spain

Started a company to sell sail analysis software “

 Study sail selection procedure for M32 Class

 Sail charts for Roy Disney 2 boats

 29er modeling development with Quantum

 Worked on developing tactical software development with Jonas in Germany

 Northsails presentation on the state of the TP-52 fleet.

 Give a talk to Northsails on which direction they should take the company for the future

  TP-52: Sail testing, Valencia, Spain

  IC37 Optimization work

  Attend a meeting at the Olympic training faculties in Colorado Springs on reshaping the US Olympic sailing team.



Etchell Mid winters 1 (2 boats) 1st & 5th, Mid winters 2 (1 boat),

J-70 “Catapult” Davis island regatta, Miami regatta (2nd), Charleston race week (3rd),

TP52 “Alegre” – Palma Vela, Sibenik Croatia, Zadar Croatia, Cascias Portugal (3rd in Worlds).

CISA clinic coach

Youth worlds preparation coach Corpus Christi


Frers 140′ “Rebecca” – Helmsman – Antigua Superyacht regatta, & St Barths (2nd overall)

C&C 30 “Flying Jenny” – Mainsheet- Winter series

TP52 “Hooligan” Onboard coach – US Navy – Delmarva


RSX Fins US Sailing team

Downwind study for Northsails

San Francisco Talk ” How to talk to athletes about data”

J-70 Sail testing

Laser modeling development with Quantum

TP-52 study



Youth & Olympic coaching

CISA clinic coach

J-70 coaching – Catapult – St Petersburg, Charleston race week, Newport J feast, North Americans, 2017 Worlds

Annapolis to Newport race – TP52 Hooligan – US Navy senior coach

TP52 “Alegre” Team coach – Palma 1st in class, Copa Del Rey 1st in class, 107 Super series


R/P 74 “Wizard” – Driver, main trimmer- Ft Lauderdale to Key West race 1st to finish, Ft Lauderdale to Jamaica race, 1st to finish, 2nd overall, Chicago Mac race 1st in class, 1st overall, Port Heron Mac race

C&C 30 “Flying Jenny” Mainsheet – Key West race week, St thomas regatta, Invitational regatta, round the rocks race, BVI spring regatta, Harbor springs regatta, Annual regatta, Block island race week, winter series.

Frers 140′ “Rebecca” Trim co-ordinater – Bermuda superyacht regatta, St Barths regatta 2nd overall, Lora Piano Regatta 2nd overall

Maxi 72: “Evniki” – Mainsheet & onboard coach- Corfu challenge

VX One: Mainsheet- Texas regatta


FX Rigs

Finn mainsails testing

J-111 coaching (3 Boats) sail trim, boat set up

TP-52 Super series coached 7 boats on sail set up, rig tune, boat set up

Presentation on the sate of the TP52 fleet to North sails



Miami camp: US Sailing 470 youths, 49er, Sonars, 2.4,

Miami World cup: US Sailing 470 men, Finns,

Etchell Jaguar regatta: Miami Jay Cross, 16th

Etchell Mid Florida state regatta: Miami Jay Cross, 8th

Etchell Mid winter regatta: Miami Jay Cross, 6th

Princess Sofia Palma: 2.4 Dee Smith 5th

CISA Clinic, Long beach 110 Kids: I420, 29er, Club 420, Lasers

World Cup Hyeres, FR: 2.4 Dee Smith 4th

I420 Houston clinic: I420 youth team

ODP 29er camp, Newport RI: Preparing for the 29er worlds

J-70 San Francisco: Joel Ronning with John Kostecki. PCC regatta 1st

J-70 San Francisco: Joel Ronning with John Kostecki. Summer Keelboat regatta 2nd

J-70 San Francisco: Joel Ronning with John Kostecki. Big boat series 2nd

J-70 San Francisco: Joel Ronning with John Kostecki. 2016 worlds regatta1st

ODP camp, Miami: Coaching the 2016 youth worlds team in I420, 29er, Nacra 15

  Wizard R/P 74: Ft Lauderdale to Key West race: 1st to finish

Trebuchet R/P 65: Miami to Havana race (Cuba): 1st to finish and 1st overallHetairos 216’ Super yacht Lora Piana Regatta Virgin Gorda 2nd Overall (Trim coordinator

Hetairos 216’ Super yacht St Barths Bucket 4th Overall (Trim coordinator & Crew boss (original crew boss was    injured))

Wizard R/P 74 training for the Bermuda race

Analysis & presentations

Measure FX rigs for team USA 

ODP Starting camp, Miami 110 Kids: I420, 29er, Lasers, RSX boards

ODP Sail trim camp, Long beach: I420, 29er, Lasers

Team USA: Rio de Janeiro: 470 sail testing coaching & analysis

TP-52 sail testing & analysis: Newport RI Paul Cayard and Steve Benjamin.

J-70 sail testing & analysis, Joel Ronning, San Francisco

Presented six presentations on how to US Sailing to improve coaching across the country at the “Coaches round table meeting” in Miami Nov 2016

Presented “How we won the J-70 Worlds” To North sails One design group.

2015 Sailing


US Olympic team: Miami work on 470, 49er, FX, & Finn

US Olympic team: Work with US 49er team that was training with Peter Burling & Blair Tuke in New Zealand

Farr 40 Mid winters: Groovederci, San Diego, Finished 5th

US Olympic teams: Palma Spain, FX & 470 training

Princess Sofia Regatta: FX team: Debbie Campozi & Maggie Shea.

Hyeres World Cup Regatta: 49er Brad Funk & Trevor Burd.

US Olympic team: Long beach camp, Finns

Farr 40 west coast champs: Groovederci, Cabrillo beach, Finished 2nd

Youth development: 29er, long beach camp

Youth development: FX, Oak cliff camp

Youth development: 29er, radials, San Francisco camp

Club coaching: Chicago yacht club, club 420’s camp

Youth development: Fx’s, Oak cliff camp

US Olympic team: 470 women Test event training, Rio de Janeiro

Farr 40 Cal cup: Groovederci, Santa Barbara, Finished 5th

Farr 40 2015 Worlds: Groovederci, Long beach, WON 1st

Youth development: 29er, 470, lasers, Miami camp

Youth development: I420 North Americans

US Sailing: 470 women sail testing, Miami

Youth development: Training camp, Miami

Youth development: 49er’s, Worlds camp, Clearwater


Wizard R/P 74: Carbo race

Wizard R/P 74: Transpac race

Hetairos Tripp/Dykstra 216 footer: Maxi worlds, Sardinia

Wizard R/P 74: Palm beach race

Analysis & presentations

 North sails: Global Downwind sails manager

CISA Clinic: Long beach. Sail trim presentations & coaching

CISA Clinic: Long beach. Sail trim presentations & coaching

470 Modeling with Quantum



ISAF world cup: Checked on all US classes

CISA: Long beach, 29er

Melges 32: Ngoni 4th North Americans, 7th Miami regatta

Long beach camp: 470, Finn’s, 49er, 29er, Nacra 17,FX.

Brookes Gonzalos camp (Newport RI): 1420, C420, Byte, Laser

Valencia, Spain: Soto 40 worlds, 1st

Newport RI: Byte coaching

ISAF Worlds (Santander, Spain)470 women, 5th

US Sailing Olympic camp, Clearwater: All Olympic classes coaching


Key west: Catapult Ker 40, 2nd

Hetairos: R/P 220′ BVI Regatta, St Barths (Loro Piana) training in Antigua

Wizard R/P 75′ Ensenada race, 2nd

Ghost: Luca/Brenta 140′ Sardinia (Loro Piana)

Melges 32: Newport regatta, 5th

Farr 280: Newport regatta, 5th

Farr 280: Annapolis regatta, 4th



Team USA Technical director

470 coaching: Dave Hughes & Stu McNay, Annie Hauger & Brianna Provancha, Sydney Bolger & Carly Shevitz.
Sonar coaching: Rick Doerr & Andy Fischer
2.4 Coaching: Danny Evans & Charlie Rosenfield
Nacra 17 coaching: John Casey & Sarah Newbury
49er coaching: Brad Funk & Joe Morris, Fred Strammer
Finn coaching: Caleb Paine (Delta Loyd)
FX’s: Annie Tunacliff


Catapult (Ker 40) Ft Lauderdale to Jamaica race (Pineapple cup), Palm beach race, Key west race week (1st IRC), Annapolis IRC Regatta (1st IRC),Block island race week, Ida Lewis race
Sonar worlds: 16th with Rick Doerr
Wizard (R/P 74): Transpac race (1st Barn door trophy winner), Carbo race (1st)
Rebecca (Frers 140′): St Barths Bucket
Bella Mente (J/V 72) Palma Regatta & Cowes week (Sail co-ordinating)



Team GBR
Port Charlotte: 2.4 training
Palma: 2.4, Finn, 470 training
Weymouth: Skud & Sonar training
Holland: Delta Loyd regatta coaching, Sonars, 2.4’s
Mylor (Falmouth): 2.4’s, Sonar training


Team GBR Worlds results, Skuds = 1st, Sonars = 2nd, 2.4’s = 4th
New Zealand University Wind tunnel testing downwind sails – JV-72
Rebecca” Antigua Super-yacht regatta – Trim coordinator/Link between tactician and crew – 1st
Team GBR training camp – Weymouth – Deliver sail & speed speech
Team GBR – Sonar speed testing – Miami
Hetairos/Panamax 210’ Trim coordinator & crew training – Antigua
Hetairos/Panamax 210’ Trim coordinator & crew training – Caribbean 600

“UK Sport presentation for Podium coaching” – Weymouth
2.4 coaching National ranker – Weymouth – 1st
Team GBR – 470 speed testing & rig set up – Palma, Spain
Rebecca St Barth’s Bucket – Trim coordinator/Link between tactician and crew
Team GBR – Sonar speed testing, Skud, 2.4’s Olympic sail evaluation – Weymouth
Team GBR – Delta Lloyd Regatta, Sonar & 2.4’s sail check – Holland
New J/V 72 Belle Mente – Launch, sea trials, sail evaluation – Newport RI
Flying Jenny TP-52 – Vineyard Regatta – Main-sheet – Martha’s Vineyard, Mass

Ida Lewis race “Catapult” Ker 40 – Main trimmer – 1st  – Newport RI
Belle Mente J/V 72 – Sail coordinator/trimmer – Newport RI- sail testing
Belle Mente J/V 72 – Sail coordinator/trimmer – Palma Vela 4th – Palma, Spain
Sonars, Scud’s, & 2.4’s final sail checks and coaching for the Olympics’
Catapult Ker 40 sail checks and training – Sag harbor, Long island
Belle Mente J/V 72 – – Sail coordinator/coach –Maxi world’s 1st – Sardinia, Italy

2012 Sail design for London Olympics – Sonars, 2.4’s.

2012 London Olympic results: 470 boys = Silver medal, 470 Girls = Silver medal, 2.4’s = Gold medal, Scud’s=Bronze medal

J 70 – Hospice regatta, 2nd Main-sheet trimmer, Annapolis, MD

Team GBR – Coaching and talks on sails & Rigs, Women’s FX skiff, Kite boarding, Lasers, laser radials, 2.4’s – Weymouth, UK

IRC Regatta “Catapult” Ker 40 – 2nd – Annapolis, MD



Team GBR
Miami January: Woman’s match racing
2011 Team GBR worlds results, Skud’s = 1st, Sonar’s = 2nd, 2.4’s = 3rd
2011 Finn Worlds: 1st place Giles Scott sails
Palma, Spain: Finn’s coaching & sail development, Giles Scott
Valencia, Spain: Finn’s sail development Ed Wright

Swan 42 Coaching: Newport RI for Annapolis yacht club, 3rd

Team GBR: Weymouth, Finns 2.4’s testing & coaching

Holland: Sonars testing new boat

Gibraltar: 470 sail & rig testing

Downtown (Summit 40′): Set up boat and rig


Belle Mente (R/P 69): Key West Regatta, Trimmer 4th
Bribon (TP-52) Block island race week, 4th, Annual regatta, 1st, Annapolis/Newport race
Melges 32: Arethusa Newport regatta, trimmer
Flying Jenny (TP-52′) Governors cup, 1st, Annapolis Fall series, 1st, Annapolis IRC regatta, 1st
Velocity (J-111) Trimmer, Soloman’s island regatta, 4th
Hetairo’s (140′) Main trimmer, Sardinia Maxi worlds, 3rd
Rebecca (Frer’s 140′) Trim coordinator & crew training , St Barth’s Bucket.


Commission to write all North sails sail design manuals



San Francisco, Perth: Team GBR Finns
2010 Finn Worlds: 1st place Ed Wright sail
Weymouth, Palma, Perth: 470 woman, 470 men,
Weymouth, Miami: Elliott’s woman’s match racing,
Weymouth: Skud’s, 2.4’s,
Weymouth, Palma, Perth: 49ers,
Weymouth: Sonars


Belle Mente (R/P IRC 69)
2nd Key west feeder race
1st Key west race week (Top boat)
1st Block island race May 2010
1st NYYC regatta June 2010
4th Bermuda race 2010
1st Onion patch series June 2010
2nd Copa Del Rey (Palma)
4th Worlds (Sardinia)

Catapult (J-122): 1st Antigua race week

Flying Jenny (J-122)
1st IRC Regatta Port Huron
2nd IRC Regatta Annapolis

Ghost (122′): St Bart’s bucket regatta

Atalanti (TP-52)
1st IRC Aegean rally July 2010
1st ORC Aegan rally July 2010

Sail Design Work:

New 470 designs
New Finn designs
New 2.4 designs
New Sonar designs
J-122 headsail
Belle Mente headsails
Belle Mente Asym’s
Belle Mente Code 0’s
49er Membrain work


Olympic Classes Work

Coaching Team GBR 470 (Men & Woman), 49’s, RSX’s
470 & Sonar sail development

North Sails Design Work

Tripp 75 “Panther” sail designs
Sail charts
Flow/Membrain design services
Volvo De-brief for North sails
Paneled membrain work for dinghy’s


Mirror dinghy worlds
7th place in a fleet of 97. Congratulations to Hugo Sloper, & Emma Spruce.
I spent 4 days coaching 2 months before the worlds in Hill head.


Olympic Classes Work

Coaching Team GBR 470 (Men & Woman), 49’s, RSX’s
470 & Sonar sail development

North Sails Design Work

Tripp 75 “Panther” sail designs
Sail charts
Flow/Membrain design services


TP-52 Med cup circuit “Cristabella”


Olympic Classes Work

Coaching Team GBR 470 (Men & Woman), Tornado, Sonar For Qingdao Olympics
470, Tornado, and Sonar sail development

North Sails Design Work

Tripp 75 “Panther” sail designs
Sail charts
Flow/Membrain design services


TP-52 Med cup circuit “Cristabella”